5 stars

It's great so far. No problems as of yet. The apartment was cleaned well and set up nice when I moved in. The forest hill community so far is nice. Management is nice as well. I would definitely recommend people to move here.

Verified Resident 822479
Forest Hill Apartments apartmentratings Sep 22, 2020
5 stars

Well maintained and quiet community close to major highways easy access to shopping and entertainment ...........................................................

Verified Resident 820979
Forest Hill Apartments apartmentratings Sep 20, 2020
5 stars

Great neighborhood to live in. Very quiet and peaceful. Supermarket, laundromat , parkway , etc within walking distance. Super friendly staff any question that I had were answered. If looking for a place to live I recommend it

Verified Resident 814849
Forest Hill Apartments apartmentratings Sep 09, 2020
5 stars

Our apartment is special to us because we have all we need just around us. Store, hospital & our doctors, banks, you name it. Our apartment serves just like a condo except no HOA. Location, clean and quiet, convenient for seniors like us.

Verified Resident 809886
Forest Hill Apartments apartmentratings Aug 31, 2020
5 stars

It's been great so far. Everyone has been wonderful and welcoming. The experience here so far has been one to remember. We enjoy our apartment, the neighborhood is great. Also having access to things such as the supermarket and all the other amenities that's all around us. Overall Pretty a

Verified Resident 807791
Forest Hill Apartments apartmentratings Aug 25, 2020
5 stars

The staff is very friendly and respond in a timely manner. The area is nice and quiet and I haven't at all had to worry about neighbors making noise. Parking is definitely a little struggle depending on the time of the day. Besides that it is a great area.

Verified Resident 807730
Forest Hill Apartments apartmentratings Aug 25, 2020
5 stars

I moved in about 2 weeks ago. Move in was smooth process. Lisa was the person that helped me and she was really helpful. The community is nice clean and quiet. The people are friendly. I love walking around in community complex. It easy accessible to some of the every day use stores

Verified Resident 805861
Forest Hill Apartments apartmentratings Aug 20, 2020
5 stars

Live In Forest Hill Properties for many years, Nice Clean, Safe Enivoronment to raise kids..Since under New management I can say I seen a lot of changes...Well Done...Lisa and Margie are the best..Thank u ladies

Forest Hill Apartments Aug 19, 2020
5 stars

For Being a first time renter, everything is going great apartment was nicely renovated and clean. and I am more than satisfied with the leasing office Margie is awesome and has been very helpful with the moving process. Its a very quiet and clean community also everyone seems to be very nice and friendly.

Verified Resident 803131
Forest Hill Apartments apartmentratings Aug 12, 2020
5 stars

The community is great. I just recently moved in, and my neighbors are super friendly. I definitely would recommend this community to friends and family members in the future. It's a perfect place to settle in.

Verified Resident 801912
Forest Hill Apartments apartmentratings Aug 09, 2020
4 stars

I love the area and it's always clean and groomed, however parking is HORRIBLE! There is no assigned parking. I tried getting a garage when I got the apartment I was told that where my apartment was there were no garages close to my building and it would make no sense. Now when I get home from work or anywhere it's a hassle trying to find parking

Verified Resident 799139
Forest Hill Apartments apartmentratings Aug 02, 2020
5 stars

Very great and helpful assistance from Lisa. Moved Wonderfulin with no issues. Very good looking new apartment. Basically everything anyone needs for a good living here.

Osvaldo Castro
Forest Hill Apartments maps.google Jul 30, 2020
5 stars

Margie and Lisa are AMAZING! Very helpful and kind.

arielle fletcher
Forest Hill Apartments maps.google Jul 22, 2020
5 stars

I am a new resident to Jersey so I am not familiar with the area. But so far so good. I was able to find a few stores in the area that I like and need. But overall everyone pretty much mine there own business

Verified Resident 783168
Forest Hill Apartments apartmentratings Jun 23, 2020