5 stars

Nice apartment s

Joseph Fortunato
Hudson Ridge Apartments maps.google Sep 29, 2019
5 stars

I went to visit my family member that recently moved there. Apartments are nice, building is clean and the area is nice with great view of NY.

Shaquanna Wright
Hudson Ridge Apartments maps.google Jul 05, 2019
5 stars

I found what I was looking for great help.

Shantae Gonzalez
Hudson Ridge Apartments maps.google Jan 30, 2019
5 stars

Great people and society my experience was close to 3 year , Maria is one of the great and professional sup at this society who is managing well and actively taking care of request , mostly busy so need to find time like early morning hours or before closing. Only little drawback is sound between floor which is easily audible. Hudson River view is the great point here whole manhattan is visible. Hard to find parking on society but pretty much available on road , north Bergen library has machine if you need parking ticket . Right opposite to apt it there is Dublin donuts. Pharmacy is close by and guttenberg town has all small shop for daily groc items which is walkable , car is not needed at all at this place if you don’t have kids. I can answer more if any one has question.

vaibhav rawat
Hudson Ridge Apartments maps.google Dec 21, 2018
5 stars

Friend of a friend lives here. Views are amazing.

Charles Meyers
Hudson Ridge Apartments maps.google Dec 07, 2018
5 stars

Lived here for two years. Very nice community and great management staff. It was a little expensive but the view of the Hudson makes it worth it.

Paola Villalona
Hudson Ridge Apartments maps.google Sep 02, 2018
5 stars

I'm only rating the super Michael he is the best guy !!! He is very nice and tries to help everyone !!!!!

Lynn brown
Hudson Ridge Apartments maps.google Jul 07, 2018
5 stars

Beautiful service

Sonia Hernandez
Hudson Ridge Apartments google Jan 02, 2018
4 stars

Cozy comfortable apartments. Always well kept and clean inside the buildings and the overall grounds outside. Prices are as you'd expect a bit pricey​ and forget about a parking space. Buy a helicopter and park on the buildings roof. Parking rental is in my opinion, for those who reside here too much loot. Definitely room for more improvement​.

Old Skool
Hudson Ridge Apartments google Apr 03, 2017
5 stars

The best place to live!

Brenda Zapata
Hudson Ridge Apartments google Jun 16, 2016
5 stars

I was born and raised there.....61 years ago...brings back strong beautiful feelings....it was such a wonderful childhood!!!

Marcela Nigro
Hudson Ridge Apartments google Jan 10, 2016
4 stars

This is a nice apartment in a great building that's well maintained. It's in a super convenient location with an easy commute to Manhattan and a gorgeous view of the skyline from the grounds. It also includes parking which many apartment buildings nearby do not provide.

Hudson Ridge Apartments apartments Sep 02, 2015