Apartments in Franklin Township NJ

Situated less than an hour drive from Manhattan, apartments in Franklin Township enjoy a suburban community with a great range of green spaces, restaurants and cafes. Ideal for young professionals and families, this diverse area is also home to Ten Mile Run Greenway, state parks, gardens and trails and is becoming a popular location for eco-heritage tourism.

Franklin Township Jobs

There are ample job opportunities in Franklin thanks to the easy commute into Manhattan and surrounding cities in New Jersey. In the area, work is available in sectors including pharmaceuticals, health, education, technology and hospitality.

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Schools in Franklin Township

There are plenty of outstanding public schools serving Franklin Township. For example, Johnson Park Elementary School which is rated 5th Best Public Elementary in the whole of New Jersey and J. Witherspoon Middle School which is rated 3rd best Middle School in New Jersey. The public school district is mainly known for their impressive state test scores, student-teacher ratios and excellent range of clubs and sports.

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