Robert Doherty
Jul 27, 2023
I wanted to take a moment and share my experience with Bound Brook Apartments. I worked with Michelle to help transition to living in a new space and she is amazing. Tremendous level of professionalism and knowledge that made moving very easy. Thank you for everything:)
Jul 12, 2023
Muy buen lugar
Joshua Duart
Feb 11, 2023
Jan 20, 2023
Very nice
Yvonne S.
Nov 18, 2022
I have lived here close to 13 years now and honestly love it here. Absolutely love that there is 24/7 maintenance team. As a single mother I truly feel safe living here.
darrell sexton
Jun 18, 2022
Nice and quiet
ing .meame
Apr 20, 2022
I have lived in the apartments for 11 years now and I love it here. My kids grew up playing in the spacious courtyards and the staff are wonderful. Any problem Michelle and her office staff are amazing. Jorge and the maintenance team are speedy and problems get resolved in a timely manor.
Jul 27, 2021
Nice place, basic living, parking lot, Intermittently Parking lot fills on weekends with non residents until after 3am
Thomas Greenely
Feb 14, 2020
Usually people just post when they are unhappy about something so thought I would break the cycle and actually say something nice. I have been here for many years and always get great service. Last week there was a mysterious sound in my apartment and the guys kept coming back until they found out what it was. To me, that is going out of their way to help. It turned out to be a sporadic drip that never seemed to happen when they were there but they persisted until it showed up. It is all fixed and I can sleep soundly again.
Emily Sanchez
Feb 13, 2020
Many thanks to the maintenance guys. I had a problem in my apartment at 2 am and they responded right away and took care of everything. The ladies in the office are always helpful and kind - I appreciate that very much! I have a nice cozy apartment and the location of the community is perfect for me. I love living here and would recommend to anyone.
Ronda tukes
Jul 23, 2019
The reason why I live this community I feel safe at night,the residents are friendly, the maintenance are punctual, the staff in the leasing office are out if this works especially Michelle if it had not been for her help I couldn't do I thank God for michelle
Mar 11, 2019
I just finished moving into the Bound Brook Apartments. I was supposed to start moving in on 3/1. Just my luck - 2 snow storms during the days I took off from work to move my stuff in. Gotta, the maintenance guys did a great job in cleaning up the sidewalks. They were out there first thing in the morning and things were cleaned up really fast! They saw me struggling to move some boxes and one of the guys even took the time to help me open my door.
Marcia Greene
Mar 11, 2019
Thank you to the staff at BB for helping me with my move! It should have been a move from you know where, but instead it went very smoothly. The lease signing and everything went as planned and I am very happy in my new home - clean and bright and freshly painted. Again, thank you for your kindness and understanding of my situation.
Feb 04, 2019
I have been living in a two bedroom apartment for the past 4 years, and I just moved into a one bedroom apartment. The staff from the leasing office and maintenance have been really great, accommodating and super helpful. I've never had any issues with something not being fixed when I asked. When it snows the maintenance guys are always super quick to clean up the walk ways! The neighborhood is great, it's right next to shoprite so if your car is ever snowed in you can walk right over.