Lalit Sareen
Jun 13, 2023
Great place
Sunshine It is
Jan 10, 2023
From the first moment I went to the rental office of this complex, I was treated with kindness, from there and throughout the leasing process everything was clear and precise, the apartment was impeccable and very well maintained, if I need any maintenance, they schedule the appointment immediately and the maintenance staff is very friendly. I definitely recommend this apartment complex
Sick Nick
Oct 09, 2022
Lynell “Fuzz” Range
Aug 22, 2022
Very nice area.. peaceful
Sebastian Alongi
Mar 24, 2022
My father had recently passed away and we needed to find an apartment for my mom. I was going crazy trying to find a place, because my mom had to get out of the condo she was living in (too many stairs). Anyway, I was fortunate enough to try Towpath village and meet Chitra. I can’t even put into words how helpful she has been to making sure my mom not only has the apartment she has, but also in answering any questions we have regarding the apartment.
Dalvys Rojas
Mar 04, 2022
I jus want to say that ion towpath village but I applied already and this five star belong to chitra sarreen. She tried to me very well. Professionally and she guide me in every step I did.Thanks for all.
John Manno
Dec 29, 2021
Nice place to live
G's World
Dec 03, 2021
Seems like a nice place, don't know if the rent is expensive, but layout of apartment we visited was good
Patty Cirotti
Sep 29, 2020
I love my studio apartment. Bonnie in the leasing department is wonderful to deal with.
Monique Perez
Aug 29, 2020
David Marchese
Jun 29, 2020
A friend of mine lives here. Seems nice for what you pay.
Jul 17, 2019
Great community of people. Am a very overprotective dad and feel very comfortable when my daughter stays with me.
Apr 15, 2018
I’ve lived here for almost 3 years and I don’t have 1 complaint. It’s quiet and the apartment is very nice. The grounds are well kept and snow removal is impressive. You have your own parking spot and your own enterance. No shared hallways with your neighbors. The location isn’t ideal but it’s affordable and a really decent place to live. Yes rent is increased every year but I’m pretty sure that’s common. Nice place to live overall.
Doug Horville
Nov 30, 2017
I feel like everyone is moving there. They have various selections for types of apartments. Something for everyone. Feels safe, and super convenient location.