Lexi Stanton
Apr 29, 2021
Great place! Reasonable rents. Staff is very accommodating. Maya always responds quickly to our maintenance requests. We found our home, and will not be going anywhere any time soon.
Petra B
Aug 25, 2020
I couldn't have chosen a better apartment complex to move in. I read some of the negative reviews and I am sure writers do not really know, and do not care to get to know the staff here. My experience with staff is nothing but wonderful! All concerns are answered by Maya with highest level of professionalism. She listens without interaptions, assures you that they will take care of everything, and they do!
Alejandro Peña
Jun 30, 2018
Tang T
Jun 29, 2018
Very good place to rent. The rent is low but the quality is good. The thermal insulation is excellent and saves a lot for heating. The leasing officer is responsible. The location is very convenient.