5 stars

Great. I like living here. Maintenance guys are cordial and knowlegable. Office is polite. Stacey is my home girl ! Reccomend living here

Jesse H
Ocean Park Village maps.google Mar 12, 2019
5 stars

Always met with kindness and understanding. You will get great service and get a great sense of security!

Devine Williams
Ocean Park Village maps.google Mar 04, 2019
5 stars

Renting here is extremely easy. Donna in the office is really nice and helpful.

Dominick Stuto
Ocean Park Village maps.google Mar 01, 2019
5 stars


Ocean Park Village Feb 28, 2019
5 stars

I love my home and the staff provide great service and hospitality, I definitely recommend to anyone looking to move into the area.

Emmanuel Torres
Ocean Park Village maps.google Jan 22, 2019
5 stars

Every time I called the office , I have been treated with professionalism & kindness. I enjoy seeing the upkept landscaping with the beautifully planted flowers.One thing that is most important to me is the maintenance service.Even if there is a holiday or weekend issue , there is a 24 hour emergency maintenance available. They are there less than an hour to rectify the issue. The fact I have been a residence for 20 years, speaks volume of their exceptional service.

Sharon C
Ocean Park Village maps.google Jan 11, 2019
5 stars

I love this community because everyone I speak to is very friendly and respectful. I moved here with my family about a year ago and it was a great choice! Stacey and the staff here go out of their way to make you feel welcomed and are happy to help with any issue. I haven't had any problems as I don't expect any, it's a wonderful place to live, very quiet. I'm also excited about the upcoming additions like the door intercom system and new hallways. All thumbs up !

Ocean Park Village apartmentratings Jan 09, 2019
5 stars

Dona was amazing during the application process. Above and beyond. Stacey and Nick are super nice! Looking forward to living here !

Mikey Bless
Ocean Park Village maps.google Dec 18, 2018
4 stars

Stacey with property management is awesome she responds quickly and listens to when you have any issues / problems and tends to them promptly

Vanessa Campbell
Ocean Park Village maps.google Dec 05, 2018
5 stars

I moved to Ocean Park Village in July and have had nothing but a positive experience. The community is friendly and safe. I live in one of the two bedroom townhouses and never hear any of the neighbors and have never had anyone complain of any sound issues coming from our home. This is important when living in close quarters, as I’ve lived in apartments where I could hear every step my neighbors took. We had a small issue with our air conditioner not working and the staff responded very quickly. All in all, if you want a nice and affordable place to live Ocean Park is the place.

Dan Barretto
Ocean Park Village maps.google Oct 26, 2018
5 stars

Staff is very friendly. Very well kept.

Lisa Marie Stuto
Ocean Park Village maps.google Sep 26, 2018
5 stars

I haven't even moved in yet and I can't begin to tell you how much I can't wait to move in! Stacey is absolutely the best! She was letting me know what was happening every step of the way! She really does care. She took the tme to explain everything and answer all my questions. I can't wait to move here. I would give 6 Stars if I could.

Jennifer K
Ocean Park Village maps.google Aug 15, 2018
4 stars

Been here almost two years now and I figure that's enough time for me to form an opinion on this place. POSITIVES: I haven't had too many issues worth bringing up but the ones that I did were addressed pretty quickly. In the summer of 2017, the AC compressor stopped working (presumably due to groundhogs messing with the wiring) and after putting in a request, Billy came over late in the day and took care of the issue. I'm pretty sure he was off the clock too. This January 2018, our upstairs tub started leaking water that drained in the downstairs bathroom so we put in a request to have it re-sealed and Billy took care of the work fairly quickly. Both the leak and the ceiling damage in the downstairs bathroom. Most recently, I brought up that our thermostat has required fresh batteries every month for the last two years and, when Stacey heard, she had someone change it with a new thermostat that same day. It's been about 2 weeks now and I still haven't seen a "low battery" sign so I'm hopeful this new unit will last over a year as intended. I've always had pleasant interactions with the maintenance and management staff so that's made my stay here better. That includes Billy & crew, Tara, Stacey, and Susanne. RECOMMENDATIONS: There are a few things I would recommend for improvement. When the units are re-designed, avoid putting the thermostat next to the clothes drier because the heat from the drier will easily add 5-10 degrees to the thermostat. That, in turn, kicks on the AC unit. For someone who likes to use minimal AC and save on energy bills, this can be frustrating. In the winter time, if you turn on the drier, the thermostat will read higher than it is, so the heater will not turn on. If you're trying to keep warm, that'll bother you as well. In addition the insulation in the units could use an upgrade. I lose too much heat in the winter and too much "cold" in the summer. I recognize this is harder to achieve because the unit design is what it is but it would improve a tenant's experience and bank account. Lastly, lot of people like to run the stop sign that leads to the New Hampshire intersection so if you're coming home and making a left onto Fountain Drive, keep your eyes open. I have 3 separate instances of this happening on dash-cam. OVERALL: I would recommend this place to someone looking to rent in the area. I think the prices are reasonable and there are different unit options available. You may have to put up with some nuisances, but it's not a deal-breaker.

Arlind Coti
Ocean Park Village maps.google Aug 10, 2018
5 stars

I have not moved in yet, but Stacey has been very beneficial to helping me with my move from Texas. She is very quick to reply to messages and has made the apartment hunting process much easier. It is nice to have such a quick response/processing when in a pinch for time. Thank you Stacey!

Allison Jones
Ocean Park Village maps.google Aug 03, 2018