Mar 02, 2023
We wanted to thank the staff that handled our service request so promptly. You are the best!
Mar 02, 2023
We wanted to thank staff for completing our service request so promptly. You are the best!
Rachel De Luca
Mar 01, 2023
Just wanted to give a shout out to the staff and maintenance staff. We will really miss you all. Thank you for a really nice experience. We appreciated all your attention whenever we called. This was a really nice community !!
Michael Badach
Feb 04, 2022
Anthony & Andrew are a marvelous team and a credit to the Maintenance department for Barlett Landing. They have to be recognized for their work ethic as well as their abilities. If there is a problem they come in a moment’s notice and whatever problem they are confronted with they handle it as rapidly as possible. The maintenance team that cleared the snow and put down the salt for the ice are a fantastic team. Thank you for all your service.
Steven Miron
Feb 04, 2022
I moved in over a year ago, and have not regretted it at all. The property is clean, the Units are nice. Fran and her staff are incredible, always there to help with repairs and make sure things are working. I really want to commend the crew for the snow removal of the big snow storm. It stopped snowing late on Saturday and the crew was shoveling and clearing the roads all night. I want to give a big thank you to Bartlett Landing Crew for all your hard work.
Feb 03, 2022
I have to tell you how very pleased we were at how diligent the snow removal crew were. Couldn’t have asked for any better. A+ All night the plows were coming along and wind kept blowing it and then all day, once it slowed they had a shovel crew and salting. We barely had to do more than dust off the cars. Thank You So So Much!!! Rube and Becky Wills
Rebecca Wills
Feb 03, 2022
The efforts that Bartlett Landing Crew went to to clear the snow this last week, were above and beyond any expectations. Plows went all night and day, shoveling was next and then salting. Then removing large amounts so the roads and driveways were fully cleared!!! A+ Thank You!!!
Feb 01, 2022
I am more than satisfied with the appearance and management of this community. Snowstorms, nor Easter’s with wind and rain, all handled in a professional and courteous manner. I am living here the longest and have NO complaints.
Jan 31, 2022
I have to take the time to give Fran and her maintenance team 10 stars NOT just 5 stars!! We had a blizzard this past weekend and her team worked ALL NIGHT LONG on Saturday to make sure the roadways, driveways and walkways were clear and safe for us to drive and walk on. This team is beyond excellent they are PHENOMENAL!! Thank you so very much!!
Aug 03, 2021
My daughter and I have lived here for 11 months and find the community very nice and friendly. All of the Staff have been very attentive to whatever issues we encountered. They all are very professional and kind. -Mary
Donald Scaturro
Feb 14, 2021
My wife and I lived at Bartlett Landing for 3 years. Beautiful place. We loved it.
Timothy Shane
Nov 24, 2020
I just moved in and WOW these guys are amazing. I've had all three of the service guys (Dale, Andrew and the other guy i forgot his name) respond very quickly and efficiently. They've tackled EVERY item on my list and contributed to making our new home just that much easier to move in and have some much needed peace while we slowly unpack our lives. Frances has also just been AWESOME making sure everything is top notch for us and that we're happy with being here. We're so far very very happy and looking forward to a great life here at Bartlett's
Lauren Block
Nov 18, 2020
If you have the opportunity to move to Bartlett Landing, do so! I moved in a month or so ago and I couldn’t be happier! The staff and the units are fabulous! The units and lawns are well maintained and spacious , great line of communication between management and tenants, the neighborhood is beautiful and so peaceful. Awesome maintenance team! And of course the leasing management team is hands down the best! I was moving to a new town and had never lived in condo community but Francis and her team, and my friendly new neighbors here help make it my new home immediately!
Bap cimino
Nov 16, 2020
This place is incredible. We sold our home of 15 years and needed to find a place to live in three weeks. During this pandemic, choices were few and far between. A decent rental, that takes a pet, was nonexistent. My wife somehow heard about Bartlett Landing. We went on line and applied for a townhome and received an immediate response from the manager Frances. The next day we went to the office and Frances (in full compliant Covid gear) talked to us about our needs.