Jeannie diaz
Dec 09, 2020
Its beautiful apartment
Nov 19, 2020
Nice complex, cool neighbors, and the matienance mechanics are ok, yet the landlord is immature and loves to send threatening letters of eviction over situations beyond your control.
Muhammad Asif
Mar 08, 2020
Good place
Nov 24, 2018
Thumbs up
Sep 04, 2017
I like this place is quiet.
Lincoln W.
Sep 20, 2016
Quiet community with a lot nearby Lived here for a bit. The apartments themselves are quite adequate for what you pay considering the prices of other local communities, which are much more. The sizes are on the smaller side, and I wouldn't recommend a full family to move in but everyone knows their comfort level I suppose. The neighborhood is really quiet, with the exception of the cars from Morris Avenue. I always found that bizarre. You don't see too many children hanging out all day, even though a school is next door. The current maintenance guy is nice.