Random universe
Sep 23, 2021
John Popik
Aug 04, 2021
Visited my friend there for the day oh, he took me over to the pool for a swim very clean very nice well maintained, looks like a great place to live
William “Will or Billy” Murphy
Jun 26, 2021
I know people who live here. It's very nice and quiet.
Betsy Kline
Jun 18, 2021
Just visited a friend. Nice apt but small. Almost 1200 dollars a month. Very expensive
Blanca Camacho
Jun 01, 2021
Gary Brown
Sep 02, 2020
Awesome service, awesome follow up maintenance concerns. Service overall is the best. The Property management team is awesome!
Joe Dunton
Jan 06, 2020
Apartments are nice looking
mike roff
Aug 10, 2019
Very nice. Staff is also very nice
George Johnnson
Aug 02, 2019
Very comfortable a lot of room
Jul 10, 2019
Just moved in. Great First time Apartment experience so far! Love it !
Francis McFadden
May 20, 2019
Very nice quite housing complex
Kay Myer
Apr 14, 2019
I live there. Very nice community
Kim Metzler
Oct 16, 2018
Simple and affordable apartments in a nice area. Easy access to everything!
Kristine Seif
Jul 12, 2018
Very nice clean my brother just moved in and was impressed and they have a pool ...bonus