5 stars

Awesome service, awesome follow up maintenance concerns. Service overall is the best. The Property management team is awesome!

Gary Brown
Colebrook Apartments maps.google Sep 02, 2020
4 stars


Colebrook Apartments Mar 16, 2020
4 stars

Apartments are nice looking

Joe Dunton
Colebrook Apartments maps.google Jan 06, 2020
5 stars

Very nice. Staff is also very nice

mike roff
Colebrook Apartments maps.google Aug 10, 2019
4 stars

Very comfortable a lot of room

George Johnnson
Colebrook Apartments maps.google Aug 02, 2019
5 stars

Just moved in. Great First time Apartment experience so far! Love it !

Colebrook Apartments maps.google Jul 10, 2019
5 stars

Very nice quite housing complex

Francis McFadden
Colebrook Apartments maps.google May 20, 2019
5 stars

I live there. Very nice community

Kay Myer
Colebrook Apartments maps.google Apr 14, 2019
5 stars

Simple and affordable apartments in a nice area. Easy access to everything!

Kim Metzler
Colebrook Apartments maps.google Oct 16, 2018
4 stars

Very nice clean my brother just moved in and was impressed and they have a pool ...bonus

Kristine Seif
Colebrook Apartments maps.google Jul 12, 2018
5 stars

I love living here. It's like being in the country. Management and Maintenance are friendly and professional

Kathy Ratliff
Colebrook Apartments maps.google May 24, 2018
5 stars

I live in this apartment for one year , The area Quiet , the neighbors are very respectful , the apartments are so clean and decent , I love it and recommend it to everybody

Colebrook Apartments apartments Nov 03, 2016
5 stars

I love my new home , very clean , staff are great , quite environment,havent had a problem since i moved in , washer and dryer works GREAT , RENT price is at A GREAT price , have a spacious two bedroom apartment, overall i recommend colebrook to my family and friends

Verified Resident 223892
Colebrook Apartments apartmentratings Mar 14, 2016
5 stars

Just moved in 8 days ago and are very happy with the appearance of the unit. Very spacious for a 2 bedroom/1 bath. Community is quiet and people are very respectful of one another. I was at work the other day and one of my co - workers approached me asking if I knew of any places in the area were renting as she was looking to move into a better area and I suggested that she check out your community. She asked for the phone number and I gave it to her so I hope she will take my advice.

Verified Resident 220228
Colebrook Apartments apartmentratings Feb 25, 2016