4 stars

Apartments are nice looking

Joe Dunton
Colebrook Apartments maps.google Jan 06, 2020
5 stars

Very nice. Staff is also very nice

mike roff
Colebrook Apartments maps.google Aug 10, 2019
4 stars

Very comfortable a lot of room

George Johnnson
Colebrook Apartments maps.google Aug 02, 2019
5 stars

Just moved in. Great First time Apartment experience so far! Love it !

Justin Santiago
Colebrook Apartments maps.google Jul 10, 2019
5 stars

Very nice quite housing complex

Francis McFadden
Colebrook Apartments maps.google May 20, 2019
5 stars

I live there. Very nice community

Kay Myer
Colebrook Apartments maps.google Apr 14, 2019
5 stars

Simple and affordable apartments in a nice area. Easy access to everything!

Kim Metzler
Colebrook Apartments maps.google Oct 16, 2018
4 stars

Very nice clean my brother just moved in and was impressed and they have a pool ...bonus

Kristine Seif
Colebrook Apartments maps.google Jul 12, 2018
5 stars

I love living here. It's like being in the country. Management and Maintenance are friendly and professional

Kathy Ratliff
Colebrook Apartments maps.google May 24, 2018
5 stars

I live in this apartment for one year , The area Quiet , the neighbors are very respectful , the apartments are so clean and decent , I love it and recommend it to everybody

Colebrook Apartments apartments Nov 03, 2016
5 stars

I love my new home , very clean , staff are great , quite environment,havent had a problem since i moved in , washer and dryer works GREAT , RENT price is at A GREAT price , have a spacious two bedroom apartment, overall i recommend colebrook to my family and friends

Verified Resident 223892
Colebrook Apartments apartmentratings Mar 14, 2016
5 stars

Just moved in 8 days ago and are very happy with the appearance of the unit. Very spacious for a 2 bedroom/1 bath. Community is quiet and people are very respectful of one another. I was at work the other day and one of my co - workers approached me asking if I knew of any places in the area were renting as she was looking to move into a better area and I suggested that she check out your community. She asked for the phone number and I gave it to her so I hope she will take my advice.

Verified Resident 220228
Colebrook Apartments apartmentratings Feb 25, 2016
5 stars

So far I love this community! I'm having a great experience here and I would love to continue living here. It is very convienent to my job, and very close to the mall and grocery store. I like that it is quiet here, better then in the city. It is very clean and staff are very kind.

Verified Resident 208239
Colebrook Apartments apartmentratings Dec 29, 2015
5 stars

It's great place to live in . amazing Neighborhood freindly people they have great stuff They help you out if you need anything .. And top of that great location for school and shopping Because the mall right behind us and the hospital near to building .

Verified Resident 200539
Colebrook Apartments apartmentratings Nov 23, 2015