5 stars

living here is fine we are senior citizens and think the staff does a very good job helping us they seem to care about us and take pride in their work grounds are kept cleantrash and mail boxes close by keep up the good work and co-operations

Verified Resident 726712
Middletown Trace Apartments apartmentratings Dec 11, 2019
5 stars

Great location. Well kept with friendly staff. Best in the area....................................................... Making one type at least 200 characters is so stupid. You made this server a pain in the ---

Verified Resident 724119
Middletown Trace Apartments apartmentratings Dec 08, 2019
4 stars

Maintenance came quickly and removed leaves and trash piles. We still have not resolved the major issue of flooding around the whole front of townhouse. Before I moved in I asked if there was a water issue. No grass, just dirt in front of townhouse. Was told I could plant grass. First rain and I had wet shoes and socks upon leaving front door. Four inches of rain water flooded area. Can you get me a gondola. It looked like Venice italy very embarrassing when guest arrived. I'm sorry I moved here. No gutter on roof and now I hear this can not or won't ever be resolved. It's been a complaint from all tenants. I'm not happy about not being told the truth. Shame on all of you. I'm sure when it freezes it will be dangerous. I just had a hip replacement and my son is disabled. I hope this can somehow have a happy ending. The maintenance staff seems to really care and work hard.

Verified Resident 722871
Middletown Trace Apartments apartmentratings Dec 03, 2019
5 stars

Great location, great office staff ,quiet neighborhood - most important peace of mind. I would recommend Middletown Trace to anyone look for a place to live. Quiet community, great schools in the area.

Verified Resident 718698
Middletown Trace Apartments apartmentratings Nov 17, 2019
5 stars

Office staff are always willing to handle any issues that may arise. Everyone is professional, friendly and helpful. Maintenance calls are completed the same day. Care of the lawns, trees and buildings are impeccable.

Verified Resident 717101
Middletown Trace Apartments apartmentratings Nov 13, 2019
5 stars

We have just moved in a few weeks ago. Our experience has been great so far. This is our first time living in a rental community, so we have been a bit nervous. We have just recently sold our home. But the office staff and everyone that we have met have made us feel very much at home here. I feel that we have found the perfect community to settle in.

Verified Resident 717028
Middletown Trace Apartments apartmentratings Nov 12, 2019
4 stars

It is a very quiet well maintained location, the staff are very friendly and welcoming. The apartment is very nice and well maintained. My only issue is parking. I love the attentiveness of the maintenance staff. They're there when there is a problem and help get it fixed in a timely manner.

Verified Resident 711396
Middletown Trace Apartments apartmentratings Oct 29, 2019
5 stars

Apartamentos genial

carlos antonio caal lopez
Middletown Trace Apartments maps.google Oct 07, 2019
5 stars

I've only been with the community a short time, but so far i'm happy with my apartment. I love my update apartment , gas stove, washer, dryer, floors in kitchen and bathroom, size of bedroom, bath and second room.

Verified Resident 698245
Middletown Trace Apartments apartmentratings Sep 23, 2019
5 stars

The property management team always handles my issues quickly and professionally. The apartment complex is always kept in good condition. The walkways are cleared during snowstorms. We are given proper notice if maintenance needs to enter homes.

Verified Resident 687983
Middletown Trace Apartments apartmentratings Aug 31, 2019
5 stars

For the most part everything here is good. The office staff and maintenance team are prompt when issues arise and issues are resolved the first time. There was an issue with the air/heater unit and it seemed they were reluctant to change it and said it was repaired on three different occasions in less than a month but it was finally changed. So not too bad for six years.

Verified Resident 685396
Middletown Trace Apartments apartmentratings Aug 25, 2019
5 stars

Very well Very well Very well Very well Very well Very well Very well Very well Very well Very well Very well Very well Very well Very well Very well Very well Very well Very well appreciated it appreciate it

Verified Resident 683389
Middletown Trace Apartments apartmentratings Aug 20, 2019
5 stars

Always Excellent. The management team and maintenance staff have always been efficient and courteous. The quick response to take care of my repair needs have been excellent. I truly appreciate all of the staff.

Verified Resident 680310
Middletown Trace Apartments apartmentratings Aug 14, 2019
5 stars

Great. No real problems. I have enjoyed the time that I have been here. The staff is very professional. I did have a problem with the refrigerator and the seal on the unit is still a problem, but the unit is working.

Verified Resident 679183
Middletown Trace Apartments apartmentratings Aug 14, 2019