Project brings 132 luxury apartments to Yale’s neighborhood

Within footsteps of Yale University’s New Haven campus, 18 High at New Haven Towers, a 132-unit luxury apartment complex, is on schedule to welcome its first tenants during the second quarter of 2021.

In addition to spacious luxury apartments, 18 High at New Haven Towers will offer 10,000 square feet of prime retail space on ground level. With a spacious parking garage below grade, tenants will be provided with guaranteed spaces in a city where on-street parking remains at a premium. Tenants will also have access to the building’s state-of-the-art amenities that include a gym, lounge, co-working space, and a five thousand square foot rooftop lounge.

While the current COVID pandemic has curtailed the use of shared space, Eighteen High at New Haven Towers is designed to meet the needs of the Yale-New Haven neighborhood long after the pandemic is over. The design is meant to celebrate luxury living among neighbors, friends, and colleagues, offering a lifestyle the market is now insisting upon.

Building on the success of New Haven Towers 

This latest addition to New Haven Towers is part of a residential complex of apartments that enjoys one of the most unique addresses of any university town. It is just one block from the Yale Medical Center, three blocks from the university’s law school, and one fast block away from Yale’s Drama and Art School. Current tenants in New Haven Towers are equally looking forward to the completion of Eighteen High at New Haven Towers for they, too, will have access to many of the shared amenities being offered in the new building.

“We view Eighteen High at New Haven Towers as a vital and synergistic part of the City of New Haven and the educational and cultural institutions that surround our project. Its construction not only creates economic growth but strengthens the city’s quality of life. Among those who will benefit from these synergies will be our tenants who will enjoy an extraordinary lifestyle adjacent to one of the world’s finest universities,” observed Edward Anderson, Leasing Manager of New Haven Towers.

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