In 2019, JCMLiving collaborated with PSE&G to save energy and increase the safety and comfort of our residents. We believe in creating sustainable communities that are a joy to our residents and Planet Earth. The upgrades were implemented in Bound Brook Apartments, Carlton Apartments, Douglass Gardens, Georgetown Apartments, Orchard Gardens, Pleasant View Gardens, Stratford Apartments, Royal Crest Apartments, Short Hills Club Village and The Gardens at Wesmont Station. Our residents are enjoying more light, lower bills, hotter showers, safer communities and we are thrilled! The featured information below paints a small picture of some of the advances we made towards our goal.


JCMLiving Green Living


Saved over 700,000 Therms 160 Heating Boilers
Saved over 1,000,000,000 kWH20 Miles of Pipe Insulation
Saved over 318,000 Gallons of OilInstalled 215 Water Pumps
36 Acres of Attic and Crawlspace Insulation36,701 Resident Light Bulbs Upgraded to LED
4,739 Low Flow Devices4,278 Common Area Lighting Upgrades
Installed 90 Hot Water Boilers