5 stars

I would like to thank you and the entire Highland Montgomery staff for making my stay here very enjoyable. Not only is maintenance reliable and responsive, but they are also friendly and very helpful. Starting from my move in day, they didn't hesitate to help me move my furniture upstairs as they saw me struggling with it. I always felt safe, supported, and accommodated. Lora always made sure all of my questions and concerns were quickly answered. You have all made what was initially a scary first-time living on my own, a very peaceful and rewarding experience. I always felt at peace in my cozy little studio at Highland Montgomery and I will miss living there.

Highland Montgomery apartmentratings May 03, 2019
4 stars

I had a wonderful experience living here. The maintenance staff was always very responsive and helpful. It was very easy to get a hold of them. Lora in the leasing office was very friendly and knowledgeable. Any questions I had she was quick to respond to. Everything from my move-in to move-out were smooth processes. This complex is in a great area with many restaurant options and food store within walking distance. It is also in a quiet and safe residential area.

Kim Apadula
Highland Montgomery maps.google Apr 30, 2019
4 stars

My husband and I lived there for almost 4 years and thoroughly enjoyed calling it our home. We moved there directly out of college and it was perfect for our first place together. The location is very convenient as it is walking distance to New Brunswick with lots of great restaurants/bars. It is also walking distance to the New Brunswick train station and Rutgers College Ave campus. The apartments are a bit older and do not have central AC/heat, however, we installed two window AC units (one in the living room and one in our bedroom) which kept our place very cool during the summer. These apartments have beautiful hardwood floors which make it easy to decorate for a cute and cozy home. However, the one negative aspect of this complex is the laundry is located in the basement of each building. The basements are not kept clean and often times not all the washers/dryers are in working condition. Overall, the apartments are very nice and we would recommend to a friend.

Highland Montgomery apartmentratings Apr 15, 2019
5 stars

I remember my first day touring around the complex.. everyone was so friendly and welcoming!!! I made a home here for myself in a very loving community who's neighbors, staff, and people were all above and beyond incredible. The maintenance crew were always smiling and happy to help. I always felt safe within this community, (and for some time I worked late nights.) Very peaceful and family-friendly place to live! And if you are lucky, you get to see families of deer roam the grass undisturbed by your presence. Apartments are very comfortable and private. 11/10 my review for Highland Montgomery!!!!

Highland Montgomery apartments Feb 28, 2019
5 stars

As a college student returning to finish my degree after some amount of time, the last thing I wanted to worry about was a difficult housing situation. After searching all around Highland Park, Piscataway, NB, etc., and visiting some appealing properties, I stumbled across Highland Montgomery. The grounds are well-kept, the apartments are nice, and the location is close to school (not too close, though!). But I can honestly say that my final decision to live here was based on my interactions with Kristy, the property manager. She is friendly, kind, and willing to work with you to make the move as easy as possible. After living here for a year, it also became clear to me that she is motivated to make both tenants' time here and the property itself the best it can be with useful projects, community breakfasts, even making time for genuine conversations to see how everything's going. The bike garage she implemented is especially cool! The maintenance staff is very good, and I think that stems from what I can see to be a good relationship between Kristy and the staff -- any issues are communicated quickly and accurately. I got what I was looking for and more with Highland Montgomery...thank you, Kristy!

Adam Forrest
Highland Montgomery maps.google Aug 14, 2018
5 stars

Joshua is the best technician I have met. I am very happy with him.

Zhifang Lyu
Highland Montgomery maps.google Jun 18, 2018
5 stars

Highland Montgomery Apartments is fabulous! From my beginning conversations with Kristy, the property manager, when I inquired about the complex, to establishing our new home, to each of the exchanges with the maintenance team, it has been wonderful! The apartment building is lovely and taken care of, our neighbors are quiet and respectful, the grounds are kept beautiful in each season, and the environment is a tranquil gem in the heart of Highland Park while being very convenient to public transportation and access to New York and Philadelphia. Each day brings happiness knowing this is home. I highly recommend it to those in search of a new home.

Mariggela Kartatos
Highland Montgomery maps.google Apr 30, 2018
5 stars

Great experience living here. Maintenance was super responsive, quickly taking care of anything that came up, even at 2am on a holiday weekend! When we moved out a month ago, our security deposit was returned on time and as expected. They take good care of the property and care about the experience of the tenants. Even after we moved out, the property manager went to our 3rd floor walk-up to check for a package for us mistakenly sent there, minutes after I called about it.

S Madsen
Highland Montgomery search.google Apr 09, 2018
4 stars

I lived at Highland Montgomery Apartment for two years. I experience with the rental office has been very positive. After I moved out, there has been confusion on the security deposit. The lady in office Kristy has been very helpful in resolving the issue. Overall, I am satisfied with my stay there.

Highland Montgomery apartmentratings Feb 13, 2018
5 stars

The staff here is so incredibly helpful. They're quick to respond even at nights or on weekends. The apartments are a good size and you mostly get the value you pay for.

Asher Weinstein
Highland Montgomery maps.google Jan 29, 2018
4 stars

Snow removal is great here. The property manager always responds quickly to any communication. We love our apartment

Aviva Berkovich
Highland Montgomery google Jan 05, 2018
5 stars

Had very positive experience with management from the beginning and was delighted that the apartment was well maintained. An added plus is that residents are quiet and respectful. To those whom have previous complained about AC and other inconveniences, you're idiots and need to more carefully read the website about provided amenities. This is great community to live and/or study in.

Evan Alvarez
Highland Montgomery google Sep 16, 2017
5 stars

I have lived here for 7 years. I love this complex because the staff makes me feel like family. Our building manager Kristy is kind, compassionate, efficient, and a joy to spend time with. Our maintenance staff, especially Uriel, is beyond incredible. I never wait more than 10 minutes for help. I am always greeted and smiled at. Such a warm place to live. Appropriately priced for what you get.

Dara G
Highland Montgomery google Sep 14, 2017
4 stars

I've lived here for 8 years and I have no plans of moving. It's a great place to live and the maintenance staff here are professional and efficient. They always have a friendly greeting when we cross paths during the day, and they respond promptly to requests for repairs. I recently had a problem with my lock sticking after 8 years of use, and when I asked the building manager if she could send someone to look at it, they dropped what they were working on and were at my door in two minutes. They took the time that was needed to solve the problem, and I haven't had trouble with my lock since.

Highland Montgomery apartmentratings Jun 05, 2017