5 stars

Update 2: Mike and the maintenance staff have always done their best with what they have to work with. He did contact me and said he will do what he can with the heat. It would be great if we had thermostats but it's not that type of system, it's controlled automatically (heat is free). Mike and the maintenance staff are 5 star. The reason I dropped to a 3 star is because of the frustration on what they are limited to on fixes and I didn't see any remedy coming. He did discuss fixing the drafty windows and trying to adjust the heat and I look forward to that being resolved. If you are using reviews as consideration of Lincrest you should read them and not just go by star ratings. I would recommend this place to anyone. It's clean and affordable. Some of the comments here about racism and other nonsense appears to come from people that just didn't qualify. It is a very diverse community. Parking is crazy but that's not their fault and I highly suggest getting a garage. Update: Had to drop from 5 star to a 3 star rating. Another winter and and another bout with a too hot or too cold apartment. The heating system is old, inefficient and noisy. Concerns fall on deaf ears. Also the apartments are very drafty. I actually have to run the air conditioning when it’s 25 degrees outside because the inside temps are well into the 80’s and suffocating in some spots. Space heaters are needed when it’s 40 degrees outside because the inconsistent heat. Hot water is also inconsistent. Have to sometimes wait 20 minutes for water to get hot. Property is kept up well and most maintenance problems are resolved quickly. Easy rent pay through Rent Payment app/website.

ny tess
Lindcrest Apartments maps.google Jan 18, 2020
5 stars

My sincerest gratitude to Lindcrest Apartments especially M. Miazga for the Happy One Year Anniversary notice . I am comfortable here in this very quiet and pleasant environment . I am looking forward to this new year at Lindcrest . I am comfortable and am enjoying your gracious welcome . As a new member of your community here in Linden NJ my sincerest gratitude to Lindcrest and M. Miazga .

Warren Kubie
Lindcrest Apartments maps.google Aug 17, 2019
5 stars

I have been living in this community for a year and a half, coming from NYC, I feel very fortunate to live in this community since it has been a great change for me to live in NJ. the community is excellent the neighborhood very quiet. I loved it..!! When I realized that they try to accommodate all the tenants according to their needs, my work is in NYC, my days are long and all I want is leave the city to go home and rest in a nice, peaceful place (MY HOME). It is very convenient for me to be in this community because it is close to many places is a good town. Monica the person who works from the office is very helpfully for me she has always collaborated with all my concerns, the Super Mike is too cooperative, nice, very patient he always solves me immediately and all the maintenance workers are excellent. Thank you Lindcrest for making my home a quiet place to rest and get out of the stress of NY. Ana Lenis.

ana lenis
Lindcrest Apartments maps.google Jun 28, 2019
4 stars

I have lived at Lindcrest for almost 3 years and just renewed my lease for another year. I moved here from Atlanta, GA where homes are spaced out & green spaces and trees are abundant. I was very concerned about living in an urban Jersey tiny apartment. Michael and his property management team are very responsive and always helpful. They keep the property neat and clean and if you call them, they always follow up to ensure you are happy with their solution/s. Can't brag on them enough!! The apartments are older, but recent renovations make for classic and comfortable living spaces, and the gems of the property are the outdoors spaces!! The center courtyards, off each apartment's back decks, are the best part of this community. People have little veggie and flower gardens, you can grill and visit with your neighbors, many have pets and children who run and play in the lush green grass (football field sized) courtyards, without the hustle bustle noises of the outside urban environment. It's a sanctuary away from the chaos of cars and traffic. The front office is efficient and I recently had them reach out because the check I sent was incomplete (because I rushed) and they could not deposit it. They did not penalize or fine me, I received a personal call asking me to come by the office to remedy the issue!! So nice in a world where most would just return your check and fine you a late fee!! The only negative is the street parking, but I understand they are negotiating a solution for creating additional property parking in the near future!! So grateful for this!! Come join us at Lindcrest!! A treasure in a busy, hectic, pricey apartment market!!

Penelope J.
Lindcrest Apartments yelp Jun 07, 2019
5 stars

I’ve been living at Lindcrest for 9 months and love it. It’s a quiet development with an amazing yard space. (The parking gets annoying sometimes but it’s manageable.) I want to give a huge shoutout to Michael and his maintenance staff. I had a few small issues pop up over the last few months and his team always goes above and beyond to resolve any problems quickly and efficiently. They’re one of the main reasons I love Lindcrest. It’s such a relief to live somewhere that has such an awesome maintenance team!! I’ve also only had positive interactions with the office staff. Marta will always call or email me back about any concerns!

Alyssa Bubnick
Lindcrest Apartments maps.google May 20, 2019
5 stars

We have lived at lindcrest for about 2 years and just recently moved... we absolutely loved living here, our neighbors were great, the apartment was comfortable and the people who work here are really amazing... Mike and Marta were always so on point... whenever we needed anything we always had a prompt response from both of them, and they’re both really great people. We will definitely miss them the most.

Emilia Popow
Lindcrest Apartments maps.google Nov 02, 2018
5 stars

My husband and I moved into Lindcrest Apartments several years ago after becoming empty-nesters and we love it here! The location is great - and our beautiful apartment is just the right size for us with enough room to have family and friends visit. We have made several friends here and everyone speaks very highly of Marta who has worked in the office for many years. We have always found her to be charming and helpful. The Maintenance men have always responded promptly and fixed the few minor problems we have had quickly. I would recommend Lindcrest to everyone.

Leigh Rauch
Lindcrest Apartments maps.google Nov 02, 2018
4 stars

We have been living at Lindcrest 14 1/2 years and overall it has been a pleasant experience. The park like setting is one of reasons we chose the location. Over the years we have met wonderful neighbors who we now call friends. The office staff always answers your calls and resolves any issues they can, and if it is maintenance related , which it is 90% of the time, it is directed to the maintenance Supervisor. All maintenance issues are resolved within a reasonable timeframe. In the event of an emergency, the emergency phone service immediately contacts the “on call” contact and once again issue is resolved. I do want to take a minute to talk about the grounds maintenance. Everyday garbage and branches are picked up manually along with repairs etc... and in the inclement weather, I want to commend Mike and his crew for the outstanding job they do with snow removal. They go over and above to keep ahead of the storm. We are very pleased with the current maintenance team. In addition to doing daily repairs and solving problems the office and maintenance team continue to make Lindcrest a pleasant place to live. We will continue to recommend Lindcrest to anyone who inquires.

Lindcrest Apartments Oct 17, 2018
5 stars

I have been in the apartment for almost 11 years , it is clean,the worker are helpful,my kids like the big backyard,and the nice neighborhood, also its near the school.

Abeer Albadawi
Lindcrest Apartments maps.google Aug 14, 2018
5 stars

Best service

khanusa khanusa
Lindcrest Apartments maps.google Jul 24, 2018
5 stars

Nice,Clean, Mike the Maintenance Director and staff are great, Martha the office Manager she so nice and always polite and professional. I been here for almost 9 years highly recommended

Mag Barquet
Lindcrest Apartments maps.google Apr 18, 2018
5 stars

I am actually happy living here for the past 9 years. Friends and family always compliment my beautiful apartment. I thank the office staff and Mike always taking care of everything very well. IYou guys are doing a great job. I recommend this place to anyone who’s looking for a beautiful place to live.Thank you.

Lindcrest Apartments Apr 13, 2018
4 stars

I am actually happy living here at Lindcrest. Friends and family always compliment my beautiful apartment. I thank the office staff and Mike for taking care of the heating issue for me. I thought I was being ignored in the cold but that wasn’t the case. You guys are doing a great job. I recommend this place to anyone who’s looking for a beautiful place to live.

ania pierre
Lindcrest Apartments maps.google Mar 21, 2018
5 stars

I am shan!!! I recently moved to this apartment they are really great and they did awesome work. I had some issues has to fixed in my house they did fixed everything next day. I was really happy with that and thanks to Michael from maintenance he is really awesome.

vsv creations
Lindcrest Apartments google Jan 25, 2018