Essex Gardens Application Criteria

Please read our application criteria and community policies below. An application must be submitted by every adult who will live in the apartment.

• Application Fee: $50.00 fee for first adult applicant(Non-Refundable). $25 per additional adult applicant. *

Once the application is approved, you will need to provide the following:

1. First month’s rent. This non refundable deposit in order to reserve the apartment.
2. Money Order or Certified Check of  $50.00 for the Township Inspection (made payable to “Maywood Township” )

At lease signing, you will need to provide 1 1/2 months rent for your security deposit and you will need to provide proof of renters insurance that complies with the requirements in the lease.

*Payment may be in the form of:  Visa, Master Card, Discover, Amex or a Money Order/Certified Check made payable to: Essex Gardens

Income: Each occupant over the age of 18 is required to complete an application. Each applicant must demonstrate a verifiable income. There is a minimum monthly income of 3 times the monthly rent to qualify.

Combined Income: The combined income of roommates will be considered, provided each applicant earns a minimum of 60% of the total qualifying income.

Credit: A credit history depicting any of the following may be grounds for denial:
a. Unpaid liens or judgments.
b. Bankruptcy, unless applicant can provide verification that positive credit has been reestablished and maintained after three years of discharge.
c. A statistically validated scoring model is used to measure each applicants risk in terms of paying their monthly rent. The model takes into consideration many aspects of an applicant’s credit history and income to determine the amount of risk for that particular applicant. Management has set specific decision points within the models score range for Essex Gardens. An applicant may be approved or denied based on the scoring model.

Rental History: Applicant must demonstrate a minimum of two (2) years rental or ownership history if applicable. History of a poor payment record, destructive or abusive behavior or poor housekeeping practices will be grounds for denial.

Co-signers: Co-signers will be considered only in the case of full-time student status and for senior citizens. The applicant must earn a minimum of 60% of the total qualifying income unless proof of full time student is provided. Co-signers must qualify at 1.5 times the qualifying income.

Criminal:A criminal background check will be run on all conditionally approved applications in accordance with The New Jersey Fair Chance in Housing Act. Please refer to the “Criminal Background Check Disclosure Statement” portion of your application for the complete policy and criteria.

Occupancy: There is a maximum occupancy limit on each type of apartment.  One bedroom – 2 occupants, two bedrooms – 4 occupants. Violation of this regulation will result in eviction if not corrected immediately.

Please be advised that the submission of your application does not hold an apartment. An apartment will only be held for you once we receive the required deposit. Our company policy is based on a first come, first served basis.

Every applicant will be required to submit the following documentation:

1. Copy of Photo Identification (for each applicant)
2. Copy of Social Security Card (for each applicant)
3. Proof of Income (Last thirty days of pay stubs or employee verification – click here to download/view)
4. Landlord Verification (Click here to download/view)
5. Multiple Dwelling Reporting Rule Tenant Applicant Inquiry (Click here to download/view)
6. Completed Application

Lease Term: 12 Months

Garages: $135.00 per month

Reserved Parking: $75.00 per month

Lease Buyout: Upon first renewal: Tenant may purchase 60 Day Termination Rider for $500

Month to Month: Upon first renewal: Tenant may sign a ‘MTM’ addendum for $100 monthly fee

Pet Fee: One time non refundable pet fee $350 – Cats and dogs are welcome! $45.00 per month per dog and $35 per cat.  (Additional fees and restrictions apply – see our pet policy.)

Internal Transfer: $500.00 if during lease term. No charge if term is fulfilled. (Other conditions apply)

Rent Includes: Heat and hot water. Resident is responsible for electric, cooking gas, and renter’s insurance.

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