4 stars

I just moved in to this apartment complex and so far everything is good and everyone is very nice. Everyone in the office is friendly and helpful. I will definitely recommend this place to a family or a friend??

Verified Resident 919182
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Jun 20, 2021
5 stars

great apartment, large rooms, has a washer and dryer in the unit. plenty of parking. easy on and off from highways and interstates. conveniently located. modern design. open concept. duplexes are available.

Verified Resident 898517
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Apr 29, 2021
5 stars

All the procedures gone smoothly and received respond on time from office especially from Ms Lana, she is doing great and very on time responsible ?? The community are very good and quite Enough space for parking all the time

Verified Resident 892246
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Apr 12, 2021
5 stars

Nice neighborhood..

Deepak Bajaj
Rachel Gardens maps.google Apr 01, 2021
5 stars

I'm having a great time living here so far, everyone is nice and professional. The apartment is beautiful and spacious. Everyone is very friendly and supportive, and I could see myself living here for a few years.

Verified Resident 887147
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Mar 23, 2021
5 stars

I've only lived here for a week but it has been enjoyable. The complex is quiet and beautiful. The washer/dryer is an enormous plus. I don't know where my mailbox is which is embarrassing. Maybe I'll have more to say next year!

Verified Resident 884695
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Mar 16, 2021
5 stars

Amazing company, clean, responsive staff and professional.. plenty of parking, quiet area and neighborhood.. Close to highways and main streets, Close to shopping and restaurants. School system is amazing

Verified Resident 882391
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Mar 11, 2021
5 stars

Neighbors are extremely helpful. Community is clean. Apartment is clean and spacious for a great price in this area of NJ. The move in process was extremely easy. The only thing I can see becoming an issue may be parking. Other than that, no issues here! Happy to be here!

Verified Resident 870928
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Feb 07, 2021
5 stars

Polite and helpful staff, great community, amenities and security. Apartment was renovated, cleaned and ready for move in on time. Central location, easy access to various useful facilities and stores.

Verified Resident 868887
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Jan 31, 2021
5 stars

Nancy + management team at Rachel Gardens are absolutely wonderful, I'm the type of person to ask a million questions and Nancy always answers in a timely and helpful manner and is wonderful at her job!! I can tell our time here will be great and that we will be taken care of!

Verified Resident 865108
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Jan 19, 2021
5 stars

The community is great and any issues are handled professionally. The move in was smooth and neighborhood is quiet and friendly. Amenities are great and people are friendly, good location close to major transport and other things on route 46

Verified Resident 860798
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Jan 07, 2021
5 stars

Everyone is professional and very willing to help with whatever you need. I Love it here!

Rachel Gardens Jan 04, 2021
5 stars

My cousin and couple of friends live there, nice place. But some apartments are very cozy and pricey. Inhouse washer and drier. Free from main road traffic, had walkway, play area for kids. I am not sure about the management and their rules.

Sunil Kumar
Rachel Gardens maps.google Jan 04, 2021
5 stars

Great living area.Great up keep of property and very spacious .we decided to move back as we needed to due to job change. Without doubt this was the place. We never had issue prior and if we did the staff was there to quickly help.

Verified Resident 858137
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Dec 29, 2020