5 stars

This is a beautiful community with great updated apartments. Great location as well. Staff are very responsive and handle any issues immediately. Melissa in the leasing office is great in getting you through the process which is very easy.

Verified Resident 613808
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Mar 10, 2019
5 stars

It was an amazing. Place to live

Rachel Gardens Mar 07, 2019
4 stars

I have been here since Jan 4th but only spent 4 nights here. The first couple of days it was hard for us as we were smailing hardwood floor polish everywhere. The apartment is really nice. Brand new bathroom and kitchen with new appliances. The only issue with some closet spaces as they have central heating and ac unit in the master bedroom. You definitely need a water filter /softener. Also didn't get notified about the promotion otherwise I would have saved over $1000 over the year. Can't say much about the community as I am pretty new this area.

Verified Resident 594377
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Jan 18, 2019
5 stars

This is an amazing complex with warm wonderful neighbors and staff. Maintenance is on point. Basically you call for an issue to be corrected and they are at your door before you even hang up your phone.

Verified Resident 584746
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Dec 18, 2018
5 stars

Clean and well-maintained apartments. Plenty of parking. Minor issues about fixtures during move-in that were adressed but it took a week. Helpful staff and front office. Quiet neighborhood and great location.

Verified Resident 583563
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Dec 14, 2018
5 stars

Was great to move in. Right from the time of leasing and moving in the process has been smooth and it's been a week since we moved in. We are satisfied with the neighborhood and accessibility. I travel to Manhattan everyday, it's a short ride to the Willowbrook park and ride and take the bus from thete

Verified Resident 510649
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Jul 09, 2018
5 stars

It was Best decision to move in this complex ........,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,____\________________\______

Verified Resident 507424
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Jul 01, 2018
5 stars

The society is clean , friendly and over all a very good experience but you have to pay for these. Its a very nice community to live in if you can afford it.A nice house , nice design , good neighborhood, washer dryer inside house and a good recreational area.

Verified Resident 504624
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Jun 24, 2018
5 stars

Usually renting apps aren't very useful due to how often the listings are outdated or inaccurate. This time around I was surprised. Rachel Gardens has been perfect so far. The leasing office is super professional with all of the little details about renting. It's nice when you can worry less about those details so you can focus more on your move.

Verified Resident 501183
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Jun 17, 2018
4 stars

Rachel Gardens apartments are spacious with all hardwood and laminate/tile flooring. The apartment was clean when I entered and in great shape. The kitchen is very small and a little bit claustrophobic, but does meet our needs. The upstairs washer/dryer unit is so convenient. I wish the outdoor/balcony area of my apartment was repainted and in better condition.

Verified Resident 501164
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Jun 17, 2018
4 stars

The application process was quick and I can say the same about the move in process. The issues we experienced with water supply and AC was promptly attended to by the management. The only issue is that, I was under the impression that the units are with hardwood floor, well some are not and that includes our unit. Despite this and considering that they are one of the few that have an in unit washer and dryer and their promptness in attending to our concern, I will still recommend this to renters out there.

Verified Resident 492644
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings May 29, 2018
4 stars

overall its been a pleasant experience till now! spacious, ventilated apartments. parking space is easy and comfortable. peaceful neighborhood. responsive and helpful staff. noise is heard inside the apartment but i dont think much can be done about it!

Verified Resident 478280
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Apr 19, 2018
5 stars

Just moved in, everything is pretty good. When I target the area where would like to move, I drove around then My friend told me about Rachel Garden apartment. Went to see rental office and submit all the paper required from them. It's so fast, I am qualified. Great! Happy to move in!

Verified Resident 467758
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Mar 22, 2018
5 stars

Office staff is super friendly and very helpful. The maintenance is very responsive and quick to help/fix any issues. Apartments could use more storage. Over all nice amenities. Great community and wonderful school systems.

Verified Resident 449464
Rachel Gardens apartmentratings Feb 05, 2018