Taking a bike ride has never been simpler!

Lynnewood Gardens is excited to introduce our newest amenity: A Bike Share! Bike Shares offer flexibility and are great for the environment due to the reduction of vehicle emissions. Riders enjoy health benefits, reduced traffic all without having to own a bike. But the most special quality of public bicycles is the idea of sharing. Now Lynnewood Gardens residents can use bicycles on an “as-needed” basis, without the costs and responsibilities associated with ownership. You don’t need to be a “biker” in order to get the benefits that biking offers.

Situated near our clubhouse, the bike share is available to our residents free of charge for the first 2 hours. The app is very simple to use and gets you on the road in no time!

Jason Klein, Property Manager of Lynnewood Gardens, adds; “Our residents are loving the bikes! Residents are stopping by to take a ride and judging from their smiles, it looks like it’s going to be a popular amenity.”

Lynnewood Gardens Apartments are located in the center of it all and now the bikes can help you get there more easily. Bike on!

View our newest amenity here.