Roshena Moore
Dec 22, 2022
Great complex and very quiet
Alan Durdan
Nov 08, 2022
I worked with Kaytee Ross on my lease, I needed a place immediately and she was a gem! Any maintenance issues are taken care of immediately and I am happy to have made the move. Much to explore but what I have seen is impressive.
Kisha Haywood
Oct 14, 2022
The Cobu site has been very helpful and I enjoy being able to communicate with other community members and groups. I think it’s a great way for everyone to get to know one another and also help others when needed.
Kyle Champagne
Sep 11, 2022
I've been here for 2 full weeks now and I don't have a single negative so far. The location is great, my first floor unit is super quiet and tucked away. Parking is readily available and my covered spot is 10 ft from my door. All the amenities look brand new. The pet policy is great and everyone has dogs. I haven't heard any barking either. Rent might be a bit high for the apt size, but so far I feel it's worth my money.
Emily Carpenter
Aug 11, 2022
I have loved living here. Every amenity you could want available. Staff are fantastic. My unit is beautiful. Others who live here are kind and considerate of neighbors. I will soon be moving out of state and am having a hard time finding a place that can compare!
Jillian B.
Jun 03, 2022
Best maintenance staff!!! The maintenance staff on property are the best. They are very quick to respond.
Azriel G.
Jul 20, 2021
love it here! I absolutely love this place. I was moving from New Jersey to CT for my partners job, and I was terrified. I have chronic anxiety so apartment hunting drains me. Courtney was so nice and made the process super easy. The area is quiet even when kids are playing outside you barely hear anything unless you have your balcony door open even then you still barely hear anything. neighbors are nice and it's a heavy dog area. they're all so cute. all in all I love the place. I had once maintenence issue, I put in a ticket and they came out the next day even though it was mother's day.
Jan 30, 2021
I love living here, love my apartment and neighbors. The maintenance staff is amazing, and so is most of the office. Every time I've interacted with ----------- either in person over the phone or through email, though, she is incredibly rude. She has an attitude that contrasts with the rest of the staff, and it is awful. The first time I asked her for help with directions, she seemed to be annoyed that I was even talking to her, and I chalked it up to maybe a bad day. But over multiple contacts now I know that it is just how she is.
Aug 24, 2019
I have lived here for 16 years and recently have a new manger that actually leased to me when I moved in. I have loved living here and am an advocate for my community my home. I am excited for Mindy to take ownership of The Pavilions. I moved here because she sold me my home. Welcome Back Mindy! If you want a home not just an apartment then you should choose Pavilions
Jul 28, 2018
If I didn't enjoy living here, I wouldn't have lasted more than 20 years through the snow, heat and other weather conditions prevalent in New England. I have more than enough experience living here both under Avalon and current management to have seen all the problems and frustrations and blessings bestowed on us when living here. For me, the location has been crucial in getting to work, when I did work, and relaxing at home without a long daily commute. The grounds are tremendous, especially now that I walk throughout the neighborhood to get daily exercise.
Nov 16, 2017
My name is Annette Zabala, and my husband and I moved to Pavilions in 2012. Thanks to GOD , we have been here for 5 years and we can not complain. First is a perfect location where you have all store and Buckland Hills Mall in front of the apartment and the ones are Wal-Mart lovers, is there crossing the street. What I LOVE about the most is the amenitties they have, 2 gym 2 pools tennis court, a party center, yoga, wifi room, game room with tv etc. I LOVE IT I CAN'T COMPLAINT IS A GREAT LOCATION.
Feb 21, 2017
We just recently had our apartment worked on after experiencing some water damage due to our air handler leaking. The staff and men working in our space were very respectful of us and our belongings and took extra care when moving our things to complete their work. It took a reasonable amount of time to schedule and perform the work and in the end we were completely satisfied. Thank you!
Sep 08, 2016
I have lived here for a short time and love the convenience of being near the mall. The leasing manager and maintenance staff have been more than helpful and accommodating. My apartment is comfortable with a loft and private balcony. The amenities are great: two large pools, a new fitness center, tennis courts, and a dog park. I would highly recommend these apartments for a quiet home away from home.
Aug 22, 2016
ome of these reviews are strange. Every one of my neighbors loves it here and I was there for almost 3 years. Sounds like th bad apples are doing the complaining. Apartment is nice if you keep it that way. Never had any issues (upstairs noise sometimes but that comes with the terririty). Everyone get's along and walks outside and plays tennis at nice. I like the multi-cultural community. Good idea to pay for covered parking if they run a special