5 stars

As my first time renting an apartment there was certainly some hesitation with moving into the Ewing Trenton area. However both Donna and Stacey made the process quick and easy. They were available to answer my questions and made sure any concerns I had were addressed. The community is very nice and even in my brief stay I've met many kind and friendly people. The outside areas are well kept and clean. The unit itself was very clean and spacious. I was very surprised by how quiet the units were. I settled right in and Stacey was great to address and fix any issues I had with my apartment. I have to say that my expectations were far exceeded. For the price and amenities the amount of space you get is better than other places I had looked at. I'd definitely recommend this place to a coworker or friend looking for something in the ewing area.

Aaron Preidel
Carlton Apartments maps.google Jul 28, 2021
5 stars

Donna and Stacey made the application seamless and painful. Thanks!

Hakeem Wahab
Carlton Apartments maps.google Jun 28, 2021
5 stars

Finding an apartment and getting through the leasing process has been so positive. Working with Donna, I felt a genuine interest in me and my experience with Carlton. As mentioned in other reviews, Donna's introduction to living in the Carlton community is thorough and the welcome kit was such a lovely touch! I especially appreciate both Donna and Stacy's working with my last minute changes enabling a win-win scenario! Very much looking forward setting in !

Olivia Van Wagner
Carlton Apartments maps.google May 15, 2021
5 stars


Anthony Burrus
Carlton Apartments maps.google Nov 16, 2020
5 stars

Donna and the entire Carlton staff has made the renting process enjoyable. So far we love our apartment and community. I called for maintenance service and was amazed with how fast we were serviced.

Denise Martinez
Carlton Apartments maps.google Nov 13, 2020
5 stars

Donna and the entire Carlton staff made moving exciting. It is clear they care about their residents. Excellent service with an even better community!

Victoria Searles
Carlton Apartments maps.google Nov 09, 2020
5 stars

I have never lived in an apartment before, and with the pandemic around I almost didn't. My wife and I kept searching and searching for a place with no luck. It was either too much for too little, too far away, or didn't even allow a simple reptile. Out of all the places we have come across, this was hands down the nicest with the absolute nicest people to work with. They walk you through the process, make sure everything is clear and easy to understand. The enthusiasm is there, so is a very kind smile. I feel very safe in this place, knowing that our 'home' is behind a main door before leading to the main one. Again very nice and we are so glad that we found it.

Levi C
Carlton Apartments maps.google Aug 25, 2020
5 stars

Our family was a little stressed out in regards to in-person or online classes at Rider University. We missed the deadline to dorms sign up. Stacey was wonderful to find a perfect place for our needs and budget.

Valeria Shalit
Carlton Apartments maps.google Aug 18, 2020
5 stars

Went to this place yesterday & everything was so clean and neat. The grounds were well kept and the staff was AMAZING. We worked with Donna and she was very patient with us being that we were late to our appointment! Donna showed us an apartment that fit us so well. Everything looked just like the pictures. This complex is pet friendly and apparently SUPER people friendly (everyone we passed spoke to us). My girlfriend and I will be moving here from East Orange this month and we feel like Donna made this very easy. We feel like we’ve made a great decision! Thank you Donna! (And Stacy who was very cool to talk to in the office) :)

Alkabeer The Analyst
Carlton Apartments maps.google Aug 08, 2020
5 stars

Very helpful and informative staff. Made the process of finding and applying for a unit easy.

Carlton Apartments Jul 10, 2020
5 stars

I had the best experience with the Carlton team. My husband and I were recently looking for an apartment in the Trenton area. We looked at the Carlton and two other facilities and we decided to come back to the Carlton because they had the best service and we were able to rent our apartment the same day. Even though we signed our life away to get this apartment it was worth the money and the time I truly recommend this apartment complex it is welcoming and friendly. My husband and I are looking forward to a year of happiness at the Carlton

dianne chester-tanis
Carlton Apartments maps.google Jul 08, 2020
5 stars

Being new to NJ and the area, I was a bit concerned about finding an apartment that would be a good fit and meet all of our needs and preferences. My fiance and I came across a move in special online and decided to check out Carlton Apartments. We were the last appointment of the day and Donna was so incredibly helpful and friendly and never rushed or pressured us. Customer service is an absolute priority so this was part of the selling point for us. We did our tour and loved the newly renovated apartment. The grounds are well maintained and we encountered friendly neighbors and such a peaceful complex even in the evening hours. The application process was a really quick and simple one -all was completed that same evening within minutes. Lastly, when I had some concerns about a slight residual cigarette smell being that I have an autoimmune condition with sensitivities, Donna eased my worries by taking extra measures to confirm it wasn't our neighbors but possibly the contractors working in apartment and ensured me extra measures are being taken so that all is aired out and fresh upon our move in. We're so excited and confident it will be a smooth transition into our new home on 4/1!!

Ceci Morales
Carlton Apartments maps.google Mar 16, 2020
5 stars

Amazing service from Stacy and Donna with helping me look and find an apartment. I highly recommend residency at the Carlton apartments. The apartment I just got is perfect for myself and my family.

Kenny Rogers
Carlton Apartments maps.google Mar 11, 2020
5 stars

My family and I are so excited to start renting our home at The Carlton at the end of this month! We owe our excitement about our impending arrival to the “Three Caballeros” Stacey, Jimmy and Donna and their willingness to answer our questions, give us informative tours, help us to select the best apartment for our lifestyle and assist us with our application paperwork. And now with a dog park being installed, our dog Molly is very excited. So, our BIG THANKS to our “support group” for making our downsizing journey so smooth!

K. Bell
Carlton Apartments maps.google Mar 09, 2020