5 stars

I have only been here for one month and so far it's great. The community is good and clean. I like the use of the laundry room and the gym. It's also quiet, peaceful and safe. Neighbors are very friendly.

Verified Resident 602852
Lynnewood Gardens apartmentratings Feb 10, 2019
5 stars

I had a situation with a neighboring tenant after being here for 7 years. Resident Services worked with me, advised me what to do and checked in weekly until the site was resolved which led to dismissal of said residents! So happy for Heidi’s communication, leadership and persistence! 2047 Mather Way ROCKS!

Lynnewood Gardens Feb 04, 2019
5 stars

I have been living here at Lynnewood Gardens for less than a year, and I have to say that this is the best living experience that I have EVER had. Also, Danielle in Leasing is top notch. BUT, and I mean BUT, Dottie Gibson in resident services is a person sent from heaven. She is the definition of someone who will go the extra MILE for her residents. I have never been so trusting and appreciative of someone that has the ability to do what she does. She has made a person like me the happiest person in the world. Once You live in Lynnewood Gardens, give Dottie a hi.

Burneeka Tindale
Lynnewood Gardens maps.google Jan 24, 2019
5 stars

The administration staff were amazing amidst so much going on. Although the complex is very large residents like myself are made a priority. That's huge! In my chain of command I cannot wait to report such gratitude to Lynewood Gardens doing this time.

Lynnewood Gardens apartments Jan 24, 2019
5 stars

Has always been convenient; Closet to work, church, and school. I like the 24 hour maintenance and the 24 hour security. I like the space around me... the big lawns, lots of green grass, flowers, trees. It is quiet.. the neighbors are quiet and mind their own business. Don't have to worry about me.

Verified Resident 595963
Lynnewood Gardens apartmentratings Jan 22, 2019
5 stars

Adina in Resident services was very helpful and understanding of my financial situation during the government shutdown and was able to come up with a fast solution to help me to stay current until i get paid. Also to add that it actually is a very nice & quiet place to live.

Lynnewood Gardens maps.google Jan 22, 2019
5 stars

Very nice enjoying the place but I'm a person that like quiet. There are teenagers up and down like they are jumping all over . My neighbor upstairs OMG very disrespectful. Sorry but it hard trying to relax in the evening.

Verified Resident 595302
Lynnewood Gardens apartmentratings Jan 21, 2019
5 stars

Very helpful and pleasant office staff. Adina is amazing answering any questions about billing. Grounds staff keeps the community clean and maintains lighting for those late night walks.

Tiff Davis
Lynnewood Gardens maps.google Jan 19, 2019
5 stars

Friendly community, great place to live. Grounds staff is friendly and helpful, office staff always helpful and caring.... prompt service for any matter!

Lynnewood Gardens apartments Jan 18, 2019
4 stars

I have been living here for four years now. And believe me it hasn't been perfect but what is. I will say that it is a true BLESSING overall because my family and I have a peace of mind also my account manager ms. Adina is a excellent person to work with. I would Recommend someone to live here

Tyrone Butler
Lynnewood Gardens maps.google Jan 17, 2019
5 stars

I love Lynnewood Gardens the community is amazing. Ms.Adina is amazing and really helpful when it comes to problems and helping them find solutions.

Shelby Dove
Lynnewood Gardens maps.google Jan 14, 2019
5 stars

Lynnewood Gardens is a great place to live. We are happy here. The buildings are maintained well, and the community is great. Maintenance is always quick to respond, professional, and has dealt with any issue we have had.

Verified Resident 592459
Lynnewood Gardens apartmentratings Jan 14, 2019
5 stars

I have lived here for 7 great years. The staff here at Lynnewood Gardens is great. Maintenance and repairs are prompt. A special thank you to Adina Tenn who really cares about the residents! You have been a great help to me Adina!!

Will Cooke
Lynnewood Gardens maps.google Jan 11, 2019
5 stars

My experience at this community has been very pleasant and peaceful. I really like security.Also it is convenient for transportation and addition, it is easy to locate especially to those who live out of town.

Verified Resident 589649
Lynnewood Gardens apartmentratings Jan 04, 2019