5 stars

Refreshingly professional staff, top rate facilities and support, all at an affordable price, how can you go wrong?

Sarah Carpentervascik
Lynnewood Gardens maps.google Dec 11, 2018
5 stars

I was immediately impressed with the cleanliness and the condition of the apartment during the initial visit, and the willingness of the staff to go the extra distance. The few questions I had after the initial interview were answered right away. Possession and move in were both quick and easy.

Verified Resident 582321
Lynnewood Gardens apartmentratings Dec 11, 2018
5 stars

I had a great experience so far in Lynnewood. I was in a rush to move in and Mr. Chris did an amazing job in helping me. Everyone is very attentive and responsive. The same day I called I was approved and he showed me the apartment, very easy and friendly process. The facilities are beautiful and very clean. I can't wait to move in!!

Jennifer Cruz
Lynnewood Gardens maps.google Dec 10, 2018
5 stars

Dottie was great in helping me transfer to a larger apartment. The process was quick and easy and she took the time to answer all of the many questions I had - definitely recommend!

Matthew Egger
Lynnewood Gardens maps.google Nov 28, 2018
5 stars

Outstanding experience so far. The staff and neighbors are friendly. When I have a request it is handled promptly and effectively. I would recommend this complex to anyone who is looking for a great place to live.

Verified Resident 576350
Lynnewood Gardens apartmentratings Nov 27, 2018
5 stars

Dottie Gibson is awesome! She was very helpful with a difficult situation with my lease renewal. She answered all my emails quickly and efficiency. Thank you Dottie for all your help.

Lynnewood Gardens Nov 21, 2018
5 stars

Maintenance staff, Jennifer Roats has provided me with excellent maintenance assistance. She is professional and carefully listens to my concerns. She always follows up to ensure that I am satisfied with any work done in my apartment. She quickly rectifies any outstanding maintenance issues. She is one of the many great staff at Lynnewood Gardens.

Lynnewood Gardens Nov 09, 2018
5 stars

I am so happy that this place is pet friendly. It seems like it's hard to find places that will accept more than one pet but this place allowed our two cats to move in with us. It's also clean, has aneminites and overall a beautiful neighborhood.

Verified Resident 564370
Lynnewood Gardens apartmentratings Oct 30, 2018
5 stars

This is a beautiful community. The grounds are well kept and the service/ responses and immediate and exacting. I would recommend this living complex to everyone. The maintenance team is respectful and neat. I appreciate their concerns for my needs and the timeliness of repairs made to the living quarters

Verified Resident 562433
Lynnewood Gardens apartmentratings Oct 26, 2018
5 stars

I am happy with this apartment complex. Maintenance, including Jennifer Roats, are very responsive, and they have lots of fun activities. Highly recommend!

Joia Mitchell
Lynnewood Gardens maps.google Oct 25, 2018
5 stars

It is a great place to live,and the response from maintenance is often done before I hang up the phone. I know w that's a stretch, but I like living here, and I am enjoying the time I am spending here. living across form the mall is exactly what i need;I can go to Old Navy and shop, then Chili's and eat, and walk across the street and go home!! I am especially grateful to the leasing staff for their professionalism in all that they do...GO DOTTIE!!!!

Glenn Griffin
Lynnewood Gardens maps.google Oct 15, 2018
4 stars

Lynnewood Gardens has been my home for one whole year. The apartment we lived in, had big windows all around , letting in lots of sunlight and fresh air. The maintenance and management team was too good . We never ever faced trouble resolving any issue with them. This made our stay there really comfortable. It’s a safe community , with a mixed culture living in the area. The lay out is so well planned. The apartments were placed in concentric circles with the laundry room at the centre. There were side walks with metal benches lining them, big trees planted all around to provide shade during summer, vast expanse of grassland that helped kids to run around and play safely. Roadside free parking and garages available for the residents. The beauty of the place was mesmerizing with so much greens around. Lynnewood gardens will always hold a special place in my heart. I loved staying there.

Sohini Dutta
Lynnewood Gardens maps.google Oct 08, 2018
4 stars

Mrs. Gibson is great and is willing to help you with any of your needs if she can.

Lynnewood Gardens Oct 03, 2018
5 stars

Dottie, the renewal specialist, is great. She was quick with responses and very helpful during the renewal process.

LaToya Lawson
Lynnewood Gardens maps.google Sep 28, 2018