5 stars

This was the fastest application process and the easiest didn’t give us a hard time with anything and the lady who helped us Cindy Aldrich was super nice and does her work fast doesn’t wait around and gives her word definitely recommend her for the application process we are so thankful she helped us made it so simple and easy

Consuelo Asturias
Dutchtown Manor maps.google Jul 22, 2021
5 stars

Trying to find an apartment during this time in general has been much harder than expected, let alone one with an affordable price. Thankfully with the help of Cindy in the leasing office we were finally able to secure a place at Dutchtown. She kept us updated on the process every step of the way and really came through for us. Grateful for all of her help.

Ashley Bartlett
Dutchtown Manor maps.google Jul 01, 2021
5 stars

Application process was quick and wonderful! Staff was super welcoming, especially Cindy Aldrich, who made the process a really great experience! I would absolutely recommend this apartment complex.

Lymaris Espinosa
Dutchtown Manor maps.google Jun 30, 2021
5 stars

Application was reviewed and approved quickly and professionally thanks Cindy

George Michaels
Dutchtown Manor maps.google Jun 21, 2021
5 stars

Customer Service: Excellent! Very kind and welcoming on the phone!

Jazzmin Ellis
Dutchtown Manor maps.google May 24, 2021
5 stars

Working with Cindy Aldrich was a pleasurable and seamless experience! Cindy was very informative, patient and efficient.

Jenn J
Dutchtown Manor maps.google Apr 29, 2021
5 stars

As if starting residency as a physician wasnt stressful enough, this summer with the booming real estate market was driving me nuts! I've been searching for more than a month for a place. Until I called Cindy at Dutchtown Manor Apartments, she was so patient, warm and welcoming over the phone, and voila!! I had an apartment set in less than 2 hours!! Cindy helped me with the application, approval process and my incessant questioning about the apartment features! Thank you so much and i'm really looking forward to moving into my new home!

Nikitha Ashok
Dutchtown Manor maps.google Apr 26, 2021
5 stars

Cindy was a tremendous help and was extremely responsive to all my questions! She made the process seamless and I would 10/10 do business with her again!

Ifeanyi A Ikwuanusi
Dutchtown Manor maps.google Apr 20, 2021
5 stars

Just wanted to give a major shout out to the maintenance guy Bob. A squirrel broke into my apartment through the drier vent on the roof and did some damage during his stay. After the squirrel spent the night in my stove Bob showed up multiple times over the 2 day span and went above and beyond to repair any possible entry points as well as helping get the squirrel get out of the oven. His main priority was my satisfaction and evection of the animal. He also assured me I would not be held responsible for the damage to the windows and blinds as he took pictures of everything. It’s was nice to know he wasn’t just doing the bare minimum. Great attitude and determination. He was also back within days to replace the damaged blinds. Hopefully not needed, but looking forward to dealing with Bob again if necessary. Thanks Bob!

Joe Orlando
Dutchtown Manor maps.google Apr 20, 2021
5 stars

Things started out rocky when I first moved in here, really didn’t feel like my needs for my apartment was met by staff until the lovely Cindy Aldrich (property manager) came in and started really caring for the issues I was having. Very understanding, communicates very well & super efficient. Everything I need it’s taken care of, all my emails are responded too immediately. None of my matters are over looked and that’s what we need for this complex. Someone who cares about what needs to be done without giving you an issue like I’ve experienced previously. She makes living comfortable here. Thank you Cindy

Two Cees
Dutchtown Manor maps.google Jan 26, 2021
5 stars

I had Bob from Maitenance come by this afternoon and change the cover on one of my outlets. He was very nice and courteous to me . No complaints at all.

Marvin Goodwine
Dutchtown Manor maps.google Jan 25, 2021
5 stars

I had a maintenance issue in my apartment recently. The property manager Cindy was on top of it. The electrical problem was fixed for good and I no longer have the same problem that had lasted me for 5 years. Cindy is also quick when responding to maintenance requests. A new mgt is doing a great job

Dutchtown Manor maps.google Jan 22, 2021
5 stars

I moved into a single bedroom apartment at Duchtown Manor on Friday, January 15th! The apartment is the perfect size for me. It's cute, simple, and meets all of my needs. I like how it is set back from route 9 so it is peaceful and quiet for the most part, which I really like since I work overnights and need to sleep during the day. I love this place so far! Also, I had a small leak under the kitchen sink and broken cupboard door and both were fixed within 2 days! Extremely fast service and communication here. Beyond happy :D Thank you Cindy!

Ashley Anderson
Dutchtown Manor maps.google Jan 19, 2021
5 stars

I had a great experience today at Dutchmanor . Cindy from the office was very nice and patient . She had all the answers to my questions and she made my tour so comfortable and easy. Dutchmanor is very lucky to have her.

Dutchtown Manor Jan 12, 2021