Kelsy Toledo
Jan 03, 2023
Just signed our lease after months of looking for somewhere up to date, clean, and affordable! Couldn’t of done it without the help of Cindy from the main office. She offered her main line and kept in contact throughout the whole process while being helpful and friendly. Easiest application process I’ve had thus far! 10/10
A. Afflick
Sep 29, 2022
Yesterday I called in for a apartment search and got to talk to the most helpful and quick on her feet person. That'd be Cindy Aldrich, she was help full and well detailed on the property, knew exactly what I was looking for and would work best for me. I couldn't be even more grateful. Imagine calling around and having no one to help and there comes along Cindy who congratulated me into there wonderful apartment complex. Thanks again Cindy Aldrich for your wonderful help, can't wait to make myself a home. You gave me wonderful news today I'm more than happy!
Alize Rodriguez
Jun 01, 2022
Dealing with the property manager Cindy was such a breath air. She was so kind and helpful. I have been having such a hard time dealing with other properties and property managers and she made the process so easy and painless for me. **UPDATE: Figured i'd update this a few months later & let everyone know how things are going. Apt wise? -- great, loving it! Trying to get ahold of Cindy? -- it's like trying to get ahold of the president, the girl never answers the damn phone!
Edamwen Eweka
Apr 29, 2022
Cindy! Thank you for being very patient, kind, communicating effectively and ensuring that I secured an apartment. You are awesome!
Lisa Reynolds
Apr 19, 2022
Hard to get an apartment anywhere. Cindy in the office made the process very easy. Thank you.
Chiamaka Eneh
Apr 14, 2022
Let me just say that Cindy, the property manager, is Heaven sent!! I’ve been trying to get a place to stay as I prepare for my new job in New Jersey. She made the entire process easy and gave me exactly what I wanted. I lucked out! Can’t wait to call this place home.
Mindy Wade
Apr 02, 2022
Cindy was amazing to work with. Very patient and informative. Definitely the best experience I’ve had while looking for apartments. Can’t wait to move in!
Kayleigh Clark
Jan 12, 2022
Cindy in the office was so helpful in assisting me with my first apartment! She even was able to accommodate an electronic signature process as I will be out of the country for move in day!
Angelica Giordano
Jan 11, 2022
My fiancé and I haven’t moved in just yet but I have to say the property manager Cindy Aldrich is a total sweetheart! She is very patient and very professional. The whole application process was a breeze!
Dec 24, 2021
I moved into my apartment less than a week ago and I can already tell that I will like this place. The area is very quiet and looks very inviting. Cindy Aldrich is by far one of the best property managers that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She made the move in process very smooth and pain free. I also liked that she was upfront about the expectations for new residents. I would highly recommend giving this place a try if you are looking for an apartment.
Alyson Schaffer
Sep 13, 2021
Cindy was incredibly helpful and honest with my fiancé and I when we went to apply! She was professional and reasonable and my fiancé and I are looking forward to moving in soon! Couldn’t be more excited and pleased with our experience!
Sep 09, 2021
After many stressful encounters with other apartment complexes, Cindy at Dutchtown Manor relieved me and my fiancé from some of that stress. She was professional and real with us, on top of being super helpful and considerate of our situation. Additionally, the location is beautiful and certainly worth a look see if you're on the search!
J Charriez
Aug 21, 2021
We haven't actually moved into our new home as of yet but I wanted to personally thank Cindy. She is very helpful and informative every step throughout our paperwork which seemed very effortless. My wife and I chose Dutch town Manor simply because it's a stones throw from the 70 at the same time nestled under lots of trees and foliage that adds to the intimate surroundings. We look forward to coming home and unwinding. Cindy Eldridge has has a great personality that matches our own and Dutch town Manor and their affiliates should be proud of her stellar work ethics.! Warmest regards, Mr. J
betty mendoza
Aug 13, 2021
Cindy made it super easy for us!! We are very happy and grateful!